Entertaining... but serious Economic and Quant web sites

Quantitative finance and monetary economics

  • Probability.net
    For the geeks deeply interested in Probability and Measure Theory, or those who only need a (tough) refresher, hopefully there is Noel Vaillant's Web site. One of the best site on Probability and Measure with Les-Mathematiques.net .

  • Frederic S. Mishkin
    What is money? How do interest rates behave? What is behind the yield curve? In monetary policy I trust, even in the dramatic today's context, and so Frederic S. Mishkin, the clearest expert on financial macroeconomics.

  • Robert Shiller
    The Bubbles' killer: all what you want to know on various mania, krachs, animal spirits and financial bubbles... Awfully useful in a world which was believed awash with cash...


  • Calculated risk and Econbowser
    Two fantastic blogs on financial and business cycle economics, a must feed on your RSS reader !

  • L'Economie sans tabou: Bernard Salanie's blog
    A French debunking economist, and one of my former teacher at ENSAE, with sharp and funny analysis, and sometime provocative from a French point of view (only), look forward to reading him again...

  • Econoclaste : the web site for the dummies of the dismal science
    A French web site in economics that will let you feel that it's worth speaking french ;-) Go on guys, you are great!


    And here are good friends'web site to visit, not famous for now but....
  • François Gourio's research's page
    A promising young economist and a friend of mine who left the Ensae for the sunny weather of Chicago and Boston. No we are not twins, but our sites are...

  • Eric Dubois's research page and GROCER , the scilab econometric toolbox.
    All econometric and statistical package you ever dreamt on, as a free matrix language as Scilab. Impressively rich and useful!

  • Frederic Gilli's research's page
    All you want to know about Urban economics, Urban sprawl, housing and inequality.

  • ENSAE Alumni
    I graduated ENSAE a long time ago, but I still have good memories and met a lot of friends there. I have also been taught a specific knowhow. Shall you discover a high demanding grad school in applied maths, economics and statistics?

  • Formetris
    How to assess a training ? Formetris propose innovative methodologies inspired from multivariate statistics.

  • Anema
    A leader in e-learning services. Do you know Ganesha ? Marc and his team have developped a powerful open source platform to deliver e-learning sessions.

    Some other sites are to come ...



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